General Plan


Kaysville’s general plan is designed to guide the growth and development of our community. It is intended to guide both current and future development. Utah State law requires every city to have a general plan and dictates how the plan is created and amended. The law allows the general plan to be updated as often as needed in order to respond to the changing needs of the community.

Kaysville’s General Plan is a practical vision for the future. It is tailor made to match the unique characteristics, values and needs of our community. It was most recently reviewed in 2019. The changes went through a rigorous process. The process included citizen committee recommendations, public hearings and consideration by the Kaysville Planning Commission and City Council. You can learn more about Utah State Code requirements UCA §10-9A-401 applicable to Kaysville’s General Plan.

 2022 General Plan (November 2022)

 2022 General Plan Appendix (November 2022)

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