Garbage / Recycling

Any calls regarding garbage collection should go directly to Robinson Waste Service at 801-825-3800.

Curbside recycling is offered by the City. Pickup for blue recycling cans is every other week. Pickup for green waste cans is weekly on the same day as your black can is picked up.

Garbage cans are provided to residential customers by the City. Each can has a serial number that connects it to a specific address. When you move, please do not take your garbage can with you.

Please place your can at curbside by 6 a.m. on your collection day. All refuse must be placed inside the can. Garbage collection does not take place on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Garbage collection will be delayed one day following a holiday.

If you need an additional or replaced garbage can, recycle can, or green waste can please call our billing department at 801-546-1235. 

Please do not place furniture, boxes, or other large household items into park dumpsters. This has become a big problem, especially at Pioneer Park and Ponds Park. If you see unauthorized dumping, please call 801-544-1788.

Garbage and Recycling Map and Schedule

Zoom in to your house or type in your address in the search bar to find your house. You will then be able to see which recycle color week and which garbage day you have. To see which recycle week we are currently in, check the Recycling Pick Up Schedule PDF below for which color zone you are in.

Example: I live just west of Barnes Park. So I am Friday Blue. My garbage is dumped on Friday and my recycle week is blue.

Garbage and Recycling Map (PDF)

Recycling Pick Up - Red Schedule (PDF)

Recycling Pick Up - Blue Schedule (PDF)