Business Licensing

To our small businesses that may need financial assistance (Economic Injury (EIDL) financing due to COVID-19.

The State of Utah has received a partial declaration from the SBA making several counties in the state of Utah eligible for SBA Disaster Loans, including Davis County.

For any business who is interested in applying for one of these loans, please visit:

Disaster Loan Assistance requirements[4]

Disaster Home Loan Application (SBA Form 5c) sole proprietor[4]

Disaster Business Loan Application (SBA Form 5) business[6]

Utah State requires that all businesses operating in Utah be registered with the Department of Commerce and licensed with a city or county in the state. It is required that anyone engaged in business in Kaysville City obtain a city business license, with the exception of Minor Home Businesses.  Those qualifying as a Minor Home Business may request a Home Occupation License certificate if needed, and pay a processing fee.  A business may be visited or inspected and required to fulfill local zoning, building and parking requirements before receiving a license. This helps to ensure employee and public health, safety and welfare.