Building Permits


We are digital! For the best experience and fastest processing time, please submit your plans through our ONLINE BUILDING PERMIT PORTAL You will need to set up an account before you can submit your online application. This platform is used to track plan review and inspections for your project. You  can make the required payments through the portal and print off the issued permit.

If you are unsuccessful at setting up up an account through the online building portal, you may obtain a PDF version of the building permit application listed under ’documents’ on the right hand side of this page and email your completed application together with applicable plans and attachment to  One set of plans  (drawn to scale) - including a site plan are required for residential permits .  The application fee will still be required for submittal.

Applications are reviewed in the order they were received. Most permits take approximately two weeks for review. Remaining fees must be paid at the time the building permit is issued.

Construction SiteBuilding Permits

Building permits are required on any new construction, remodels and repairs including (but not limited to):

If you are unsure if your project requires a building permit, please contact us at 801-544-1363. 

Flat cement work does not require a permit UNLESS work is being done in the City right-of-way (1 foot inside of sidewalk to the street). Permits for any work done in that area can be obtained at the Public Works Department.

Notice of Adoption of Application Fee & Impact Fee Increase

All building permit applications received after January 17, 2023 will be charged a non-refundable application fee.  This fee is processed upfront and is a deposit towards the total building fees due upon issue. The building application fees are as follows:

  • All residential types $25
  • Commercial new buildings $1,000
  • Commercial Tenant Improvement/Remodel $100
  • Commercial Mechanical $25
  • Commercial Signs $25
  • Commercial Fire Alarm and Sprinkler $100

An updated Impact Fee Facilities Plan and Impact Fee Analysis was adopted by the Kaysville City Council in February of 2019. The adoption of this new Impact Fee Facilities Plan means an increase in Impact Fees effective July 1, 2019

Any building permits received after June 30, 2019 that require payment of impact fees will be assessed at the new rate. 

Questions may be addressed by calling Kaysville City at 801-546-1241

Attention All Contractors: Credit Card Policy Change for BUILDNG PERMITS

As of August, 2022,  all credit card transactions  for building permit fees will be assessed a 3% convenience fee. American Express will not be accepted regardless of transaction amount. This policy is the same for payments in person, over the phone or on-line via the City Inspect portal. The convenience transaction fee will not be added for checks or e-checks on the portal. This convenience fee policy change is a result of Kaysville City's on-going credit card agreement.

Fire Sprinkler and Fire Alarms Submittals and Inspections:

When installing new or modifying existing fire sprinkler and fire alarm systems in Kaysville City, it’s the Building Department NOT the Fire Department that handles the submittals and the approvals of plans and inspections.

Please apply for the commercial fire alarm/sprinkler permit and attach plans for review.  Kindly reference the business address or building issued permit number. This will reference the plans to the existing building or tenant improvement and link the fire and sprinkler plans for deferred submittal.