Internal Accessory Dwelling Units

With the passage of HB 82 in the 2021 legislative Session for the State of Utah, municipalities within the State are now required to allow Internal Accessory Dwelling Units (IADUs). An IADU is a unit that is located within the primary dwelling on a property and is for long term occupancy.

Kaysville City has adopted an ordinance in response to this legislation to regulate how Internal Accessory Dwelling Units take place within the city. Kaysville City Code (KCC) 17-31-3 regulates where an IADU is allowed and under what conditions.

Important highlights of this ordinance are as follows:

  • The owner of the property must occupy the IADU or primary dwelling as their primary place of residents.
  • A dedicated paved parking space is required for the IADU in addition to a common 2 car garage and 2 car driveway.
  • In the event the IADU is occupied by someone other than a related family member, Kaysville City requires that a permit be obtained for this purpose. (LINK TO PERMIT APPLICATION).
  • Kaysville City does not allow for detached structures such an apartment over a garage or ‘granny flat’ to be used as a dwelling/ADU.

While it is not necessary to modify a home to have in IADU, any time there are alterations to a home such as an addition or remodel it would require a Kaysville City building permit. For more details about when buildings permits are required, see the Kaysville City Building Department.

To apply for an Internal Accessory Dwelling Unit  click here

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