Kaysville Sportsmanship Zone


Our goal is to provide high quality parks, recreation programs, and open spaces for the benefit and use of our community. We will strive to develop, plan and implement diversified year round recreational opportunities and programs for the citizens of Kaysville that will enhance their quality of life. We commit to serve the youth of Kaysville by keeping in mind the true attitude of recreational sports. It is our desire to pass on to coaches and parents their obligation to promote sportsmanship.

We must value sportsmanship. “Sports not only builds character, but reveals it!" It seems that the traditional value of sportsmanship is being challenged from many directions, and good sportsmanship is becoming a lost art. As adults we must recommit ourselves to guiding our youth, teaching them what sportsmanship is, rewarding them for showing good sportsmanship, and by example showing them that sportsmanship is alive and well in youth sports.

Introducing Kaysville's Lead Together initiative in partnership with Junior Jazz

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Junior Jazz Lead Together Letter

Sportsmanship Pledge