Women on the Move

Beginner Mountain Bike Class for Women

This is an introductory, beginner level class.  The group class is for ladies who are new to mountain biking or have never mountain biked but have an interest in learning the basics.

  • 2x week for 3 weeks. May 2nd, 4th, 9th, 11th, 23rd, 25th.   6pm-7:30pm In and around Kaysville City. 
  • Participants will need their own bikes, helmets, close toed shoes. 

Instructor Bio:

I believe life is at its fullest when you are in motion. It is even better when you are in motion outside, racing down a mountain, defying gravity and pushing to be your best self. I was introduced to Mtn biking about 10 years ago and almost instantly fell in love with it. I started as a complete novice. The only thing I knew about bikes is that I loved riding them. Slowly I have been able to learn, teach and gain experience, which has led me to love it even more. I love teaching what I have learned. I love seeing people overcome fear, grow more confident, and be willing to put themselves into the uncomfortable in order to reach new potential. There is nothing as empowering as trying something new, and/or hard, and conquering.

-Aliseea Harbertson

Aliseea Harbertson




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