Planned Outages

In line with our dedication to providing the secure and dependable electric service you rely upon, our utility personnel take proactive measures to mend equipment and enhance the system throughout the year. While this work can frequently be accomplished without affecting homes or businesses, there are instances when it might be essential to temporarily interrupt electric service to ensure the safety of our crews as they complete their tasks.

We acknowledge that any outage is inconvenient, and our teams will exert their best efforts to swiftly minimize any disruption that a planned outage could potentially cause. We value your patience and comprehension as we labor to improve your electric service.

Stay Well-Informed 

To assist you in making arrangements, we will try to  inform you about any upcoming planned outage through email or text communication. Please ensure that your contact details are current so that we can establish contact with you. Fill out this form to make sure we have the most current info on your account.

Planned and scheduled Power Outages may be necessary to support system expansion and upgrades, to augment system capacity and efficiency, to finalize major community projects, and to facilitate new construction, including connecting new customers to the power grid.