Barnes Sportplex Banner Agreement


Get the best bang for your buck out of your advertising budget! We have an opportunity for you to get over 100,000 eyes on your business info/logo for a great price. 

Between the months of April -November there will be over 100,000 people at Barnes Park for Baseball, Softball, Football, Soccer, Pickleball games and tournaments. Not only do we have people in our park for sports, but the parks are full of families, reunions and work parties. Many also come to walk the trail and enjoy the beautiful park.

Barnes Park is also the home of Kaysville City’s 4th of July celebration and Fireworks.

Banner Option 1:  $315.00

-Kaysville City will hang your provided 4’x8’ banner(s) on the home run fence

-Store the banner(s) in the off-season months of December-February

-Will advise you of the condition of the banner(s) for the following season

Banner Option 2:  $427 

-Option 1 plus Kaysville City will print a banner for you using your art work for $112

Banner Option 3: $530

-Option 1 plus Kaysville City will hang one additional banner ($215)

Banner Option 4: $754

-Option #2 plus Kaysville City will print two banners for you using your artwork

Fill out Banner Application/Contract here

Your display time will begin at the time payment is received and pro-rated at $35 a month.

For more info come to the Recreation Office, call 801-544-1788 or email Angie at

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