Special Event Application


Kaysville Parks and Recreation reserves the right to deny your application based on staff availability and City resources.

General Information:                                       

A “Special Event” is an event occurring out of the ordinary course of functions.  Special Events may include, but are not limited to: carnivals, circuses, petting zoos, block parties, concerts, revivals, flea markets or swap meets, craft fairs/markets, parades, farmers market, races, runs, walks or movie filming.

* Exceptions: Government sponsored fairs or events held on a regular or annual basis.  (d) School sponsored fairs or events held on school property.       

Kaysville City will not allow retail sales if that is the main objective of the event.  If vendors or food trucks are to enhance the event approval may be met.

A Special Event Application MUST be completed for any event planned to take place within Kaysville City where the public is invited to attend.

The following are prohibited without prior approval: conducting business or sale of merchandise (may require separate business license), amplified sound, or the setup of automobiles, blow-up toys, dunking booths or other structures.  For parades, materials or objects are prohibited from being thrown from a moving vehicle unless approved by the City.

Any use of tents or canopies more than 30 in. Above ground level, requiring electrical, or that has a footprint larger than 200 square feet may be subject to an inspection by the Kaysville City Fire Marshal.

Overnight camping on City property is only allowed in the East Mountain Wilderness Park, and is permitted for one night only.  You MUST obtain a permit from Kaysville City Parks and Recreation to camp in the East Mountain Wilderness Park.

All information MUST be provided. Illegible and/or incomplete requests will be returned.

Kaysville Parks and Recreation has the right to deny applications based on staff availability and/or available city resources.

FEES: A $20 application processing fee is required.  In addition, all applicable park reservation fees will be charged and must be paid before the reservation can be confirmed. Kaysville City may assess a cleaning fee, determined by the type of event, number of participants, etc.

You will be notified of approval or denial of your event by the coordinating department after your application has been reviewed by all departments involved in the approval process.

Special Event Application