Government Records Access Management Act (GRAMA)

What is GRAMA?

The Government Records Access and Management Act (GRAMA) is a comprehensive records law which provides the legal framework and requirements for providing access to government records (Utah Code 63G-2-101 through 63G-2-901).  

GRAMA defines what a government record is (Utah Code 63G-2-103). The law acknowledges the competing interests of government transparency with individuals' right to privacy and public policy interests in restricting access to some records. It specifies conditions when access should be restricted through a classification system that includes public, private, and protected records (Utah Code 63G-2-301 through 63G-2-310). 

GRAMA identifies who has the right to access restricted records and states that everyone has the right to access public records (Utah Code 63G-2-201 and 63G-2-202).  

GRAMA lays out the processes by which records should be requested and by which government must respond (Utah Code 63G-2-201 through 63G-2-206).  

If parties disagree on issues related to a records request, GRAMA outlines an appeals process (Utah Code 63G-2-401 through 63G-2-406).

Request a Record

If you would like to request a record, please fill out the Records Request Form (PDF) and return it to:

Kaysville City Legal Department
23 E Center Street
Kaysville, UT 84037
Email Kaysville City Legal Department

Please note: If you are requesting information on behalf of a client, please attach a notarized release from the subject of the record. 

You may also submit a public records (GRAMA) request to the city through Utah's Open Records Portal (ORP).


  • Copies: $0.25 per page
  • Research: $25.00 per hour (first 15 minutes free)

If you wish to request a police report, you can do so through our Police Department.