Bicycle Patrol

Bicycle Patrol Officers

The Kaysville Police Department has a Bicycle Patrol Unit that offers a high-visibility pro-active policing presence for the community.  The unit consists of officers who have attended training through the Utah Police Academy and mainly operates during the spring and summer seasons.

Bikes can fulfill multiple roles in a wider range of environments than patrol cars and can be used in many of the same environments with faster response times.  Some other advantages to having a bicycle patrol program include:

  • Bicycle patrol officers can ride up to locations and crimes in progress undetected. Individuals who break the law normally aren't looking for bicycles; they are concerned with marked and unmarked police vehicles.  
  • Bike patrols can go where traditional patrol vehicles can't.  One of the biggest advantages to bicycle patrol is its ability to navigate swiftly around a community, avoiding obstacles and hazards that would stop a patrol vehicle in its tracks.
  • Bicycle patrols result in more than twice as many contacts with the public than vehicle patrols.  These positive contacts help reinforce the efforts to establish relationships of trust between the community and police department.