Pharmaceutical Disposal

The Kaysville Police Department has a program to collect unused and outdated prescription drugs. The department believes that this program will benefit the community in several aspects:

  • It will help prevent the misuse, whether intentional or accidental, of unused or outdated medicines. Outdated medicines may pose a health hazard to you, medicines may often look similar and there is the possibility of taking the wrong medication.
  • It will also help keep these drugs out of the hands of criminals. When the unused drugs are placed in your trash there is potential for them being retrieved by anyone and then being misused. It is also becoming a problem where individuals are stealing these medications and distributing them among their friends and associates.
  • We can help the environment by keeping these drugs out of the water systems by properly disposing of them. Medications and other chemicals improperly disposed of through our sewer systems eventually end up in the water supply, preventing this contamination is better than creating a problem that future generations will have to deal with.

Disposal Information

To dispose of your unused or outdated medications please bring them to the Kaysville Police Department, 80 North Main Street. A secure drop box has been placed in the foyer of the Police Department and will be available to the public on Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. -  5 p.m. (excluding holidays). The medications can be placed in the drop box in their containers, loose pills should be placed in plastic bags that will be available at the drop box. Liquid medications should be in sealed containers to prevent leakage. Syringes or other needles should not be placed in the drop box, there is a separate container specifically designed for those items that is located above the drop box. If you need any assistance or have questions please call the Kaysville Police Department at 801-546-1131.

You can find additional information on disposal centers through the Medical Waste Disposal website.