City Brand

Kaysville City Sign

Value Proposition

Kaysville City is the epitome of an ideal American city or town. Steeped in traditional family values, we provide our residents and businesses with a clean, stable, safe and secure environment in which to live and thrive. Kaysville is a city that knows what it stands for and is not apologetic about holding true to what we believe made America great – family values, hard work, honesty, integrity, respect, service to others and temperance.

Kaysville citizens are committed to their community and take an active role in safeguarding the traditions, heritage and values they believe 'their city should support, represent and maintain. Kaysville citizens benefit from a community committed to its own - who love to participate in and support local commerce and want to remain viable and attractive to commercial enterprises with shared values.

Utah's Hometown

Kaysville is a well-managed city with clean, stable, secure and safe environments. Streets are clean, parks professionally manicured, and most buildings well kept. Kaysville City is committed to delivering critical government services efficiently and effectively while working to improve the quality of life for all of its citizens and businesses. Kaysville citizens are committed to their community and its heritage. Our residents and businesses take an active interest and play an active role in their city and neighborhoods. 

Traditions are kept and valued -- with most citizens expressing a sense of place and belonging. Kaysville boasts an iconic main street and a somewhat rural lifestyle. We are friendly and family-oriented with strong traditions, good neighbors, and loyal citizens. Our community supports strong families, beliefs, and values.

In the Middle of Everything

Kaysville is uniquely situated in the "middle of everything." Conveniently located equidistant from the southern and northern ends of Davis County, Kaysville is easily accessible to neighboring cities. It is similarly located in between Salt Lake City and Ogden, two of Utah's largest cities. Finally, Kaysville is located in between the beautiful Wasatch Mountains on the east and the Great Salt Lake on the west, two important recreational areas in the state. 

Kaysville is served by two major traffic arteries, Interstate 15 and Highway 89, both connected by one large, easily traveled East/West street, 200 North. Accessibility into the city is a significant benefit to Kaysville businesses and commercial enterprises – both current and potential.

Kaysville First - Experience & Transform

To remain a viable city in a changing world, Kaysville is challenged with the increasing cost of providing municipal services. Rather than decrease services, Kaysville is working to attract reputable, well-run, successful businesses - specifically those that will generate needed sales tax revenues. However, attracting businesses is only part of the equation. To succeed, businesses need sales and growth. 

The ultimate objective is to create destinations for locals to experience and transform without having to leave Kaysville as often. Additionally, improved choice, healthy competition, and better access may also attract outside customers to Kaysville.