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Kaysville Fire Department Safety Precautions

EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY, the Kaysville Fire Department will be limiting our interactions with the public in light of the spread of the coronavirus. This is to protect the health of our department members to ensure that essential services are still readily available to the public.

We will no longer be participating in the following activities until further notice:

- Station tours
- Ride-alongs
- PR/public education events
- Crew visits to community facilities
- The use of our community room for public functions

This will not effect our emergency response to the communities of Kaysville or Fruit Heights. However, you may see our crews wearing more protective gear than normal on emergency medical calls where the patient is symptomatic of the coronavirus. All of these measures are just precautionary and will be reassessed as we measure the impact of the virus on our community and the State of Utah.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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