100 Year Celebration Notes


We moved into the new fire station and changed to a new radio system. The new station has served the firefighters well and the new radio system allows us to communicate with all the emergency responders in seven counties. This has improved our ability in all the areas of the fire service and has enabled us to build good relationships with other counties.


We replaced a thirty-year old fire engine with a new state of the art engine and added a new brush truck to our apparatus.


We made one of the biggest changes in the history of the Kaysville Fire Department by adding the ambulance service. This has allowed us to have two firefighters at the station twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, we have doubled the number of ambulances available to our city and reduced the overall response time.


We upgraded our ambulance service from EMT-Basic to EMT-Intermediate. This has allowed us to give our patients a much higher level of service and better medical care. We are now capable of administering several life - saving drugs and provide better airway management. To incorporate this change, we required all of our EMTs over several months, to complete the training and testing and become certified at this level. This same year we purchased a hazardous materials trailer and equipment with a Homeland Security grant. This grant included thermal imaging cameras, combustible gas detectors, radiation detector, and personal protective equipment - a big plus for the firefighters and our overall ability to provide better service and technology not only for our calls, but in case of a major disaster.


The Fire Chief’s position was changed from part-time to full-time, allowing for closer and better management of the department. Part-time Fire Chief, Brett Larkin, was hired as the first full-time chief for Kaysville.


We created five new engineer positions. An engineer is assigned to drive and pump the apparatus. The new fire engines are very complex with increased computer technology. Because of this, we need individuals with the expertise to operate them. Each engineer had to take many hours of training to become state certified.


A new fire engine was ordered to replace a thirty year old engine. This was delivered in 2007 and has greatly improved our capability to provide faster and better service to the community.


A new ambulance was added, bringing the ambulance fleet to three. This is a very important addition because it gives us a reserve ambulance as well as an additional unit to respond to large calls or additional calls. We also received a grant from the Bureau of Emergency Medical Services to purchase a new device called an Auto Pulse. This devise is attached to a patient and will do constant and effective CPR during a cardiac arrest.


We purchased technical rescue equipment that will add additional capability to our rescue truck. This equipment will allow us to stabilize large vehicles after accidents and the walls or floors of a building after a collapse.


We upgraded the cutter with our vehicle extrication equipment so we can cut through the new metals in current vehicle construction. The old cutter wasn’t able to do this safely.


Fire Chief Brett Larkin retired after 37 years of dedicated service to Kaysville City. Chief Paul Erickson was appointed by the City Council effective October 15th. Chief Erickson joins the Fire Department with a distinguished career of fire protection expertise, including the past 11 years as Fire Chief at Hill Air Force Base.