Mission Statement

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Our Mission Statement

The mission is to provide and maintain quality in parks, recreation programs and activities, open spaces, cemetery, and buildings for the benefit and use of our community.

  • Maintain and implement the Parks and Recreation Master Plan, increasing City-owned properties, programs and resources as planned.
  • Develop, plan and implement diversified year round recreational opportunities and programs for the citizens of Kaysville that will enhance their quality of life.
  • Serve the youth of Kaysville by keeping in mind the true attitude of recreational sports. Pass on to coaches and parents their obligation to promote sportsmanship.
  • Follow contemporary and innovative landscape, field maintenance, custodial practices and procedures by well-trained staff using proper and well cared for equipment and materials.
  • Provide an efficient cemetery with sound record keeping, cost effective perpetual maintenance, and well cared for interments.
  • Promote active City-wide volunteer participation (i.e., Eagle Scout service projects, group work projects, coaching, etc.) for the benefit of City properties and programs.