Fleet of Trucks

Please call Public Works at 801-544-8112 during regular business hours, or 801-299-7733 after-hours, if you see water running in the street or on your property.

Low Water Pressure Inside Your Home

Low water pressure may be the result of problems with your plumbing system or it may result from a problem in the pipeline serving your area. If you have low water pressure often, you may have debris in your pipes, water supply and other valves may not be open, or you may have leaks. To address low pressure problems inside your home, you should call a plumber and have your system checked.

A sudden drop in water pressure may result from a water main leak or other malfunction. Typically, several homes in an area will be affected.

To report a problem with low water pressure, please call our Public Works Department at 801-544-8112.

Reporting Discolored Water 

Discolored water occurs when normal sediments in the water lines become stirred up or “agitated.” Agitation can occur when the lines are turned off for repairs or when a line breaks. The discoloration is usually from iron (rust) particles that come off of the older pipes. Although it is undesirable, the water is safe to drink. Try to eliminate the discoloration by running your cold water for 15 to 20 minutes. If the color does not go away, the outside lines may need to be flushed. To report persistent discoloration in the water, contact us at 801-544-8112.

Please call Kaysville City Public Works at 801-544-8112 with any questions or (801-299-7733 after hours)

Reports & Plans

Secondary Water & Pressure Irrigation