Public Works Crew

Dumping Dirt on Streets

City ordinance prohibits dumping dirt, mulch, gravel, etc. on City streets. EPA closely regulates what goes into storm drains. When these types of materials are dumped in the streets, rain or watering of lawns causes it to move into storm drains. Kaysville City could receive huge fines for allowing dirt or debris to be placed on City streets. When you are building a new home, landscaping your yard, replacing a driveway, etc., please be prepared to tell the soil delivery company or contractor where the material can be dumped on your property. Dump trucks should back up to the curb and dump onto your property (which can include the sidewalk area but not into the street). They should not drive onto the curb. The weight of the truck will break the curb. Dumping material on streets is becoming a more widespread problem and, therefore, will be more closely monitored. Citations may be issued to residents, sand and gravel companies, and/or contractors who dump material on City streets.

Sidewalk Maintenance

Maintenance of sidewalks is the responsibility of homeowners and not the City. The City does not replace sidewalks that are broken, have cracks, or are lifting up due to tree roots. Individual homeowners are responsible for repair and maintenance of sidewalks on their property.

Trim Low-Hanging Branches in Winter

Keeping streets clear of winter snow is a huge responsibility, one that is vital in maintaining safety for motorists and pedestrians. The Kaysville City Public Works Department does a great job plowing excess snow from City streets. However, in order to do their job effectively, they need your help.

PLEASE check the trees located in the park strip and behind sidewalks around your property for low-hanging branches. These can obstruct views, especially when laden with snow, and cause problems for drivers. Low branching trees and shrubs make it difficult for snow plows to clear the snow from curb to curb and can cause problems for street sweeper, garbage trucks, and delivery vehicles.

Tree Trimming Ordinance

Per Kaysville City Ordinance Chapter 9 of Title 2-10, Kaysville City crews need your continued assistance. All trees should be trimmed in a manner acceptable to the individual property owner that also clears a path for snow plows and other City maintenance vehicles. Snow plows and garbage trucks here are ~14 feet tall, and tree branches can damage these vehicles or prevent them from getting as close enough to the curb as needed. All trees and vegetation should be trimmed back in a manner that clears a path 14 feet in height from the top of the back of the curb; or if curb is not present, from the edge of the pavement. On sidewalks, clearance shall be maintained 8 feet vertically on either side of the sidewalk. Please ensure your trees are trimmed back as per City ordinance.

This responsibility has always been the owners or occupants, however in the past, the City had performed periodic trimming along the streets, as crews were available. However, due to further development, dissatisfaction with the trimming and continued plant growth, we can no longer perform this service.

Starting in December, a Kaysville City inspector will be coming out to sites where items are obstructing the right of way. At these locations, notice will be physically delivered to remedy the situation. If problems persist after the notice, the City may contract out the service at the owner’s expense for the work and administrative costs. Please be aware that these contractors are not trimming for the purpose of aesthetics.

If you have questions regarding this matter, please contact Kaysville City Public Works Department. We appreciate all that our residents do to maintain their private property, as well as the City right of way and park strip. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please contact us at 801-544-8112 or through our online contact form to report any of the following:

  • Downed traffic sign
  • Plugged storm drain
  • Pot holes
  • Road hazards
  • Street light problems