Why is this necessary?

When the Kaysville City Hall was built in 1985-1986, the population of Kaysville was between 10,000 – 13,000. A new building was needed as city administration had outgrown the 7,000 square foot building that fronts Main Street (the “Old Library”). The new Kaysville City Hall was 10,000 square feet – a modest improvement, but only designed to meet the immediate needs of the city.

As the population has grown to 31,000, city services have increased. Over the years, the administration has “made due,” undergoing several small remodels to make room for necessary staff space, resulting in diminished storage and meeting space. City Council Chambers were no longer able to be rented out when a small kitchen was removed to house the Building Department. Recently, even more space was carved out for office space, decreasing ability of residents to attend important meetings. Hallways are being used for storage. The HVAC system is original to the building, and has given out on hot summer days during large meetings. 

Seeing the handwriting on the wall, in 2015, the city council authorized a spatial needs assessment which evaluated the needs for every department and every building. (See the finalized report here.) To accommodate city services through build out – up to 45,000 residents – 20,000 square feet of space for offices, storage, and meeting space is recommended. 

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1. Why is this necessary?
2. How much is this going to cost? Are my taxes going to go up?
3. Why isn't the city using the Old Library?
4. Why can't city employees work from home?
5. Why don't we use space over at the police station?
6. Will Citizens get to vote on this?