What are the city’s spatial needs?

As Kaysville grows, the need for additional employees grows as well.  Current staffing levels have several staff members sharing office and other space.  This situation can be uncomfortable and distracting to those employees.  Copy rooms and break rooms have long been converted into much needed office space.  A portable classroom was recently moved from Mountain High and transported to the Kaysville City Operations Center for existing employees to use that have been mostly working from their vehicles.  As we look to the future, decisions today will have a major impact on the city’s ability to deliver services tomorrow.  A 2015 spatial needs study showed that at build out, Kaysville City would need another 10,000 square feet of office to provide for the current level of service today.  It is important to Kaysville City Officials to make a decision today that takes in to account the long term goals and needs of the city tomorrow and into the future.

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1. Has the decision regarding the library already been made?
2. What will it cost?
3. Will this project cause an increase in taxes?
4. How will this project benefit downtown?
5. What are the city’s spatial needs?