Water Conservation

With the State of Utah being considered one of the driest states in the nation, and with the Western US facing its worst drought in recorded history, it’s important that every individual considers taking small and simple steps to conserve water.

Useful Tips to Help Conserve Water

  • Leaking toilets can be a major contributor to water waste within households. A small toilet leak can contribute to 0.08 GPM or more, that can easily add up to a use of 115 gallons or more of water wasted per day.
  • Water softeners can also be a water wasting problem. Depending on the settings, your water softener may be cycling and recharging too often, thus wasting significant amounts of water. A quick look at your unit, or a call to a plumber, can not only help save thousands of gallons a year, but also save money on your monthly utility bill.  Be mindful of how your water softener operates and uses water.
  • Be sure to check on other household appliances or pipes for leaks. Swamp coolers, indoor faucets, and outdoor spigots may have small leaks that add up to your water usage total.
  • Make sure to turn off the tap while in the process of brushing your teeth or while shaving.
  • Limit time spent in the shower.
  • Try to use full loads of laundry in the washing machine.
  • Only run your dish washer with a full load of dishes.
  • Be mindful of you water bill. You may notice a higher water bill charge than what has occurred within the previous months, this may be an indication that you have a water leak within your house or along your water service line.

For more ways to understand where water is easily wasted, you can visit this website: Water Statistics  

Reporting Water Waste

The Utah Division of Water Resources has created a reporting tool for citizens known as “The Hall of Fame or Shame” which allows them to report on positive actions regarding use of water and negative actions regarding water waste. 

-You can click on the blue “report it” hyperlink text on the website, and it will take you to a form to begin the reporting process.

Hall of Fame or Shame Reporting Tool 

Kaysville Water Usage

To help conserve water, the City of Kaysville has put a water use time restriction within its ordinances. This city code states: “No outside use of culinary or secondary water shall be allowed between the hours of 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM unless otherwise directed in writing by the public works director or specific water provider.  This restriction shall not include supervised hand watering.

This code can be found here: Water Restriction Code 9-4-17   

Kaysville City has set in place a number of ordinances to help further save water and protect the water system. These ordinances regarding Kaysville water can be found here: Kaysville Municipality Code  

Water Conservation Plan

Every five years the state requires each Public Water System to report an updated water conservation plan. 

Kaysville City 2019 Conservation Plan     

Utah Drought Information

For additional information regarding Utah’s drought coverage and updates, please visit: 



Water Usage Regarding Irrigation Systems 

Kaysville City does not manage the secondary systems within the city. There are three secondary systems that service distinct areas within the Kaysville boundaries.

List of Irrigation Services: 

Benchland Water District: http://www.benchlandwater.com/

Davis and Weber: http://www.davisweber.org/

Haights Creek Irrigation: https://haightscreek.org/

Map of Boundary Lines:  Irrigation Service Boundaries  

Additional Resources

Indoor Water Saving Ideas: https://slowtheflow.org/indoor-tips/

Programs and Rebates: https://utahwatersavers.com/

Lawn Watering Guides: https://slowtheflow.org/

General State Information: https://conservewater.utah.gov/

Utah Water Infrastructure Information: http://prepare60.com/

Weber Basin: https://weberbasin.com/

Utah State Water Quality: https://extension.usu.edu/waterquality/